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Emergency Contraception News

I’m hanging out in the Detroit airport hoping my late night flight home won’t get cancelled with all the snow falling out there. So I have just enough time to post some pretty interesting news from the EC front. Seems like there’s a new option on the horizon…

HRA Pharma has just unveiled  clinical data on ellaOne*, and aside from the name (really, ellaOne? because I know I’m going to be referring to it as hellaOne), there’s much that’s caught my attention about this newcomer. What’s particularly noteworthy about this selective progesterone receptor modulator is its documented efficacy up to 120 hours. You can read an overview of the clinical trials results here (PDF). Or check out articles in Lancet and Obstetrics & Gynecology (on my to-do list tomorrow, as I put together this month’s Articles of Note).

ellaOne is commercially available in Europe (and has been since the fall), and it looks like soon, Japan. It’s in the New Drug Application stage in the US, so no telling when it will be available here. I’ll keep you posted as more info becomes public.

*Its official name is actually much less laughable: ulipristal acetate (UPA); ellaOne may not end up being the name it’s marketed under in the US.

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