IPV & Pregnancy

I had an email from a reader asking for some information for clinicians on IPV and pregnancy. She specifically wanted something she could use as an inservice for staff. Happily, I can deliver on this one pretty easily, because the CDC and ACOG have done the heavy lifting.

The two came together to create Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnancy: A Guide for Clinicians. It’s available for free on the CDC website, and it’s relatively current (last update was fall of 2008). What you’ll find:

  1. Screen Show, including a Presentation Index
  2. Lecture Notes
  3. Suggestions for Use
  4. Objectives (if you’re hoping to get CE credits, this is helpful)
  5. References
  6. Selected Bibliography

If you’re looking for ideas for staff continuing education, this might be a good one to use. It’s free, accessible and relevant. An excellent combo.