White Ribbon Campaign Global Webinar

The White Ribbon Campaign is a Canadian organization focusing on men stopping men’s violence against women. I am a big fan, no question. (Personal disclosure: I have their posters plastered all over my office. They’re fantastic.). The Pixel Project is hosting a webinar featuring one of their staffers as part of their Weekend Webinar series.

The webinar will be held Friday, February 5th at 6pm ET (because it’s a weekend webinar, get it?). Registration in advance is a good idea, but not necessary. To join the webinar, simply visit their Webinar Room. You can also see it streamed via the project’s channel on UStream (warning: video plays automatically).

*To find out when the webinar airs during your timezone, please go to For viewers and participants in the Middle East, Asia and Australia/New Zealand, please add one day.