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Weekly Wrap-Up @ the Sustainability Blog (the V-Day Edition)

A few really interesting posts over at the sustainability site this week. Both gave me some things to seriously consider:

I’m looking forward to a snowy weekend in the 216 before heading to Athens, GA to teach for the nice folks at The Cottage with my partner Doug. Hope I’ll see a few of you there.

BTW, one of you funny people sent me a question apropos of the season: “Does FHO have recommendations for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the forensic clinician in your life?” Are you kidding me? Absolutely! Although Valentine’s Day is not my thing, personally, here are a few gift ideas that might delight in our world:

Have a great weekend, a lovely V-Day (however you choose to observe it–or not) and happy and well-fed Chinese New Year! {You’ll find my family celebrating the Year of the Tiger here.}