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20 Free CMEs/CEUs

In my continuing quest to provide better access to free CME/CEUs for FHO readers, I decided to trawl through Medscape tonight and round up 20 offerings that can be completed quickly and easily. A couple caveats, though: 1.) not all of them are for RNs–physician and midlevel only CEs are marked accordingly; 2.) these things expire, and some more quickly than others [a few of them have about a 45 day shelf life], so check the dates to make sure you’ll get the credit you’ve earned; 3.) not all of these will be relevant to everyone’s practice–I’ve listed a pretty broad cross-section of topics that touch forensic practice in one capacity or another; and 4.) a few of these will look familiar as I’ve posted them on FHO before–apologies to the daily readers. Remember, Medscape requires registration to access these activities–it’s free, no worries.

Offerings are listed alphabetically:

  1. Addressing HIV/AIDS in US Correctional Facilities
  2. Anxiety: Prevention and Complementary Therapies for Children and Adolescents
  3. Application of HIV Testing Guidelines in Clinical Practice Reviewed
  4. Bullying May Affect Girls More Than Boys
  5. Cases from AHRQ WebM&M: Danger in Disruption (MD/DO only)
  6. Cases from AHRQ WebM&M: Missing Trauma (MD/DO only)
  7. Clinical Risk Factors May Predict Depression During Pregnancy
  8. Communication Strategies in Assessing Sexual Health: The Short Interview — Uncovering the Need for a Long Interview (MD/DO/NP only)
  9. Communication Strategies in Assessing Sexual Health: Uncovering an Underlying Condition (MD/DO/NP only)
  10. Forensic Issues for Nurses — Elder Abuse (Nurses only)
  11. Hepatitis C Infection — Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatric and Adult Patients
  12. Medical Case Management: Connecting Clients to Care
  13. New VA/DoD Guidelines for Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  14. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Heightens Suicide Risk (MD/DO only)
  15. Psychiatric Disorders, Sexual Trauma Linked to Urinary Tract Symptoms (MD/DO only)
  16. Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents: Risk Factor Identification, Screening, and Prevention
  17. The Essentials of Assessing the Sexual Concerns of Your Female Patients
  18. Trauma in the Obstetrical Patient (MD/DO only)
  19. Universal Screening for Intimate Partner Violence Does Not Reduce Violence, Improve Health Outcomes (MD/DO only)
  20. WHO Issues New HIV Recommendations