Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

Join Jewish Women International in a live webinar presented by Leslye Orloff, on March 4th from 12-1pm ET. The webinar will focus on immigrant women and domestic violence. Registration is $25 for non-members.

Ms. Orloff is  vice president and director of Legal Momentum’s Immigrant Women Program (IWP). She is also a co-founder and co-chair of the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women.  She has written local and national training curricula and manuals and is a nationally respected trainer on domestic violence, cultural competency, VAWA immigration provisions, and immigrant victims’ legal rights and experience with domestic violence.

What you will learn:

  1. Overview of the dynamics and challenges faced by battered immigrant women
  2. Legal rights of immigrant women: Undocumented vs. legal immigrants
  3. Access to crime victims’ visas
  4. Public benefits provided to Immigrant women
  5. Recommendations for working with immigrant women

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This looks fantastic- any idea if it will be posted to view at a later date? I will be on a cruise with a drink in hand on March 4th!!!

They usually post excerpts at their site, so you should be able to hear part of it at least…

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