LGBTQ Crime Victims

I’m remiss in not getting this posted last week, but it’s been flagged and in my pile, so I knew I’d get it up here one of these days. My memory was jogged by a related resource newly released, though. So now we’ll make this a tandem event. NCVC and the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs published a joint study on LGBTQ crime victims, Why It Matters: Rethinking Victim Assistance for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Victims (PDF). It’s available as a free download, and addresses, among other things, LGBTQ intimate partner violence. Worth a read.

The other resource to mention, something to share with the your collaborating partners in criminal and civil law, is the new LGBT Domestic Violence Toolkit from the American Bar Association, in conjunction with the National LGBT Bar. Although this is firmly a legal resource, the brief piece on working with LGBT survivors of domestic violence (PDF) is a good read for anyone and 90% of it is pretty applicable.