Mother’s Day

This is a different kind of Mother’s Day post. A tribute to all the working moms, like me, who spend more time away from their kids than we’d like. Moms who miss soccer games, and school plays and class projects because we are doing this important work, this work we love. Moms who have kids whose notion of going to work is driving to the airport. Moms who have created family rituals out of bedtime calls and webcam chats and email. And this is also a tribute to the members of our tribes that help us raise these amazing kids. The partners, extended family and excellent friends who comprise our village, and allow us to keep these crazy hours, smooth over the interrupted meals, and help explain why going to North Dakota requires an overnight stay.

I’ll be getting on a plane tonight, but not before I enjoy a leisurely brunch with 4 generations of incredible women. I hope for those of you celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s a day that feeds your soul and replenishes any empty spaces inside you. Even if your Mother’s Day only ends up being a couple hours long.

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