Domestic Violence Supplemental Materials

I had a great time with a terrific group of nurses and other professionals Wednesday in Indianapolis, and in the course of discussing a variety of issues related to domestic violence, I was reminded that I could post some of the resources I discussed during my talk here at FHO. So for all of you who attended, and others wanting some supplemental materials, below is an overview of some resources I frequently mention in the course of my lectures.

General Program Management Issues:

  1. Coding and Documentation of Domestic Violence (PDF)
  2. Competencies for DV Medical Forensic Examiners (PDF)
  3. Diagnostic Coding Guidelines (PDF)
  4. Glossary of Terms for Medical Forensic Exam (PDF)
  5. HIPAA Issues and DV
  6. Suggested Hospital Protocol Checklist (PDF)

Risk and Dangerousness Assessment:

  1. Campbell’s Danger Assessment and Online Training
  2. The danger assessment: validation of a lethality risk assessment instrument for intimate partner femicide. (Abstract)
  3. Helping women understand their risk in situations of intimate partner violence. (Abstract)
  4. Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control study (Abstract)
  5. Teen Abuse Assessment (PDF)
  6. The Chicago Women’s Health Risk Study: At A Glance (PDF)

Screening and Assessing:

  1. Measuring Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Perpetration: A Compendium of Assessment Tools (PDF)
  2. “You’re not a victim of domestic violence, are you?” Provider patient communication about domestic violence. (Abstract)


  1. See the Strangulation and DV Clinical Guide
  2. Frequency and relationship of reported symptomology in victims of intimate partner violence: the effect of multiple strangulation attacks. (Abstract)

For those of you looking for other resources, let me know and I’ll get it to you if I can put my hands on it.

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