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Alright gang–I’m excited to report that our next giveaway, sponsored by our friends at STM Learning (formerly GW Medical Publishing), is here. And it’s a really fantastic one, particularly for those of you doing sexual assault work of any sort. Curious? Check out the details after the jump:

If you’d like to be eligible for this month’s giveaway, simply answer the question below in the Comments section. One reader will be chosen randomly to win. You have until June 7th at noon ET to enter.

The winner of this month’s giveaway will receive a free copy of STM Learning’s Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Life Span, a comprehensive reference book packed with the latest research, case studies, and more than 1800 images to serve professionals in the evaluation, care, and follow-up treatment of sexual assault victims. Answer the following question, and you could be this month’s lucky recipient:

Would a professional textbook or reference book appeal to you more if it was accompanied by a student study guide that could be used for self-learning or as part of a continuing education program for members of your team? If so, what types of exercises would you most like to see featured in such a study guide?

By providing feedback in the comments section, you are furnishing STM Learning, Inc. with valuable advice in its endeavor to craft quality resources for healthcare professionals and entering yourself in the giveaway of the clinical guide Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Life Span, a $150 value. Thank you for your participation.

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A professional textbook with a study guide that acompanies it would be very helpful. I would like to see a mixture of the multiple choice, True/False and match the word to the definition type questions.

Yes, any supplemental information increases the appeal of a professional text. I would appreciate examples of hands-on, non-didactic, exercises that reinforce core materials.

I have always found when studying any topic in medicine or nursing that case scenarios are most helpful. Included in that case scenarios:
1)History and Physical findings
2) Differential diagnoses – explanation of why
3) Appropriate labs or xrays based on H & P
4) Appropriate medications
5) Further consults and other pertinent follow up
6) Explanation of physical findings – why a laceration – mechanism of injury, etc.


Barb Bachmeier

I would also agree with a study guide. I would like to see case senerios, H & P questions, I feel that multpile choice and matching are good also.

Having a study guide to accompany a text book is extremely useful. I have had great success in the past with a study guide offering multiple choice, short answer questions, and true and false questions. It gave me great confidence with my level of understanding of learned material in preparation for the actual testing. The study guide was in a CD format.

Study guide would be helpful, especially if it had mnemonics, or case reviews with questions and answers with rationale.

A study guide would be very helpful in reviewing the information presented. I enjoy case studies which include photos to be able to actually see possible physical findings. Including a seperate CD of case studies with photos would be awesome!

Study guides are excellent tools to help me assess my understanding of the material being presented. This enables me to have ongoing review in areas that I may not encounter on a regular basis. I would appreciate a study guide that combines case studies in the general sense directed at the essence of the chapter along with objective style questions to help me measure my comprehension of the material.

I would like to see a study guide, could be in CD form. Case studies are also helpful especially for unusual cases that we don’t frequently see.

A study guide would be most helpful for the new Forensic Examiners as well as a refresher before the Examiner testifies in court.

Wow, study guides would be a very positive addition along with a textbook. This would not only impact continuing educaiton for seasoned SANEs but for new SANEs as well. Education in this area is always difficult to disseminate and for the student to interpret without a go to text or a resource with all of the pertainent info it. Case scenarios are needed, with not only exam type issues in it but the student would need interviewing skills as well to complete it. Scenarios based around court testimony and jury trials would also be a great addition.

A study guide with case scenarios and questions to guide the student through the case would be very helpful. The students often say, you teach us what to ask but not how to ask. The case studies help them work through the how to ask. Many books are designed for the basic fundamental knowledge. The students whant the why’s of this knowledge and what if’s. This only comes from practicing in the field and giving examples of case studies. Bring in some of these real life sceniors.

I would like to see case studies, photo identification, forensic terminology matching, and maybe a legal section concerning different federal guidelines. I would love to see something that identifies the “standards” in forensic healthcare. Test questions, scenarios, and photo identification are just a few ways to help people learn the “basics”. Another section for advanced forensic practice concerning things like genital mutilation, human trafficking, and other international issues would be nice for those of us who know the basics.

Continuing education, knowledge building, and indepdent learning is always in need. Would love to see learning guides that walk the examiner from novice, to competent, to expert. Thus we need time for self determined, paced learning. Thanks for asking.

A study guide would be great. A book like this is great for reference, but a study guide with quizzes would help to familiarize me with the book.

A study guide would be great to go along with a text book. Case studies, photo identification, normal findings, and multiple choice on STI’s would be helpful. I think this would be a great way for our team to get continuing education.

I think a study guide would be great – case reviews and pictures are always helpful in my opinion.

Our team would find a study guide very useful. If it tied in to various aspects of the textbook, it would help us to use the textbook as a reference. Pictures of anomalies and illness versus injury is something we find very helpful. Case scenarios are a great way to help us apply the information. Tying in the legal aspects and including these in the scenarios would be an excellent means of preparing us court situations.

Would appreciate a study guide that has multiple choice questions with the rationale for the right answers and the wrong answers.

I think a study guide would be very beneficial, and would be another tool to use when orienting new staff. I would love to have some essay type questions that would help to summarize the chapters along with some case scenarios.

What a fabulous idea! Great for teaching, learning. many new SANEs read the infiormation, but they might have a hard time understanding it…with a study guide it would enhance learning

I transfer much moore professional information to long term learning when I add learning activities to my professional reading. A study guide should be offered in both written and CD forms to reinforce people’s different learning styles. A summative study guide will help prepare the reader for any attached CEU’s or self-assessments. Readers should be offered case studies, clinical scenarios, and self-paced learningf-assessments so that when they complete their self-assessments, they will see a steady rise from novice to expert.

I think a study guide would be great, and i would love to see photos with explanations and case studies.

I think that a study guide is a great tool for knowledge assessment and identification of learning needs. T/F, M/C are great but I also think a fill in the blanks section is ghood because it tests knowledge without giving hints as to what they might be. In addition, case studies are an excellent way to solidify a complete and holistic view of the patient and presenting injuries, etc…

Study Guides are always useful. Case scenarios with questions and information helping to guide nurse through the case would be great. Questions can be T/F, mult. choice or fill in the blank.

I think a study guide would be great. I am trying now to find a book to help a couple of friends study for sane a test and if they had this it would be a big help. It could be on cd and include meds for sexual assault things that would be on the sane a test and sane p test It should also include when to test again for stds hiv etc… it should also be able to give sane nurses cmes.

A student guide that accompanies the text would be a valuable asset. Multiple choice, Matching, True False and diagram labeling would be nice as well. Case study presentation with evaluation to be completed by the student in a structured manner to assist the learner in developing the plan of care/discharge planning, etc and to understand how they got there. Some electronic tutorial would be beneficial as well for the visual learner.

A study guide would be very useful. One can feel overloaded with the amount of information that is provided in a text book. The study guide would help you with organising your study and providing you with a plan that would maximise your learning. This would also help when you are involved in teaching and networking with other health care professionals.

A study guide with a list of questions that reflect national standards would be very helpful. Case study is helpful but basic Q&A format is also helpful for creating CEU’s for our programs. I would be able to use both for continuing education for basic and advanced students. A book that had this feature would be the first on my “to buy list.”

A study guide would be very helpful. A comprehensive case study from exam to testifying, including photos and documentation, would be most beneficial.

A study guide would be a great benefit to this type of textbook. Reviews of basic anatomy, disease process relevant to SANE exams, post-exam care, working with law enforcement, and a review of court terminology/procedures.

Study guide would be wonderful.I think it would be helpful for inservices for introductory SANE procedures for RN’s that are not SANES

I think a study guide would be a great accompaniment. One with a downloadable ppt slide show + Q&A (including correct answers / rationale / references) would be both educational and fun to use. Could provide for my SANE team at a team meeting.

Yes definetely a study guide! As a program coordinator, I would find a study guide an incredibly useful tool, not only for new SANEs to practice but also as a refresher update for practicing SANEs. I envision a ppt/DVD used to present at monthly staff meetings, to aid in educational presentations Guide that aid in identifying anatomy and injury are always helpful.
A situational format,allows the practicioner to think through scenarios, they may not yet expereinced in their practice. This format would also be useful in preparing the nurse for certification

Yes…it would indeed attract me. Case studies are a great way to practice decision making and application of concepts learned in text. Would be great for individual learning as well as group review.

Study guides are a most useful tool. Especially ones that have an answer key associated in some way so that one does not make a fool of one’s self. We are all wrong at some time in our lives and I don’t want to be wrong on patients. A format of multiple choice, true false and case studies is the best.

A study guide would be very helpful. In a study guide, I would like to see lots of case studies and pictures of injuries and normal findings with comments and explanations.

A student study guide would be a great learning tool in addition to the textbook/reference book. It would be convenient to have for nurses orientating to become a SANE. Life is very fast-paced and a study guide would be great for on-the-go. It also would be handy for current SANE’s to use while studying for the certification exam, along with the textbook. I would like to see true/false, multiple choice, along with a few case studies. Case studies seem to put you there in the moment and really use your critcal thinking skills.

A study guide to accompany for text is great. I am a very visual learner, so photos,and Algorythms are great for me. Case studies would appeal to “reading” learners, etc. Then testing those areas by Multiple choice… is also great. All areas are covered. I personally still like to get my “hands on” a text so I can scribble, and mark up. But a CD is OK also. Offer both…

I would love to have a study guide with case studies and questions related to them. An answer key that tell why each answer is wrong or right would be ideal.

I agree with many of the clinicians who have already posted comments. A study guide modeled after the self learning packet quiz/post test format would be lovely. Case scenarios would be great.

Absolutely – a professional textbook or reference book would definitely appeal more to me if it was accompanied with a study guide. Ideally the study guide would be a mix of various case scenarios, multiple choice, and fill in the blanks. An answer section should be included that not only provides the correct answers but the rationale behind each one. This would be extremely useful for all SANEs, both new and experienced, and could also be used at SANE meetings.

I would like to see several options available. As a professional textbook an accompaning teaching guide would be helpfull. It could contain suggested teaching strategies as well as chapter testing questions. Contributing writer DVD’s reviewing the chapter information would add additional learning tools.

I have used the books for personal education and growth in forensic nursing. I would have liked to have chapter case presentations with clinical questions attached. There is always a need to validate you own learning.

I used the Sexual Assault: Victimization Across the Life Span, to study for the SANE A test and I feel it would have been far more helpful with a guide. I also used it when I first started working as a SANE. I would have learned more from case studies with questions and rationales. The pictures alone got a little overwhelming after a while!

Reality is that texts out date very quickly so having a study guide which could be updated with newer material would give the text a bit of additional life. For example if the study guide on a CD/DVD was available yearly with different scenarios would be very helpful. The study guides that work best are ones where the learner has to test themselves before the findings are presented. Pictures? I love pictures as they are sometimes so hard to come by.

Having access to thse resources not only personally, but as part of a SART team is indispensable. Cost, however is always a huge issue. Reliable information that can easily be updated is preferrable – any study guides, CD’s, pictures etc. would be worthwhile not only for ongoing education, but for initial orientations.

Knowledge is powerful. I would love to have this invauable resource with a study manual just to insure that I am getting all that I can out of the book. The more knowledge- the better the care! Thanks

Yes I like case studies as well but pre and post chapter tests would be a great way to assess my info intake and hammer home the key points.

Needed is a text book which is interactive with photos/CD/and teaching tools as with forensic nursing and the SANE, but also explains more normal varances such as how the cervix can vary in appearances in a sexually active 16 to 45 year old and be perfectly normal. I would say more advanced explanation of findings. Also need to empatize more the sensivity issue that the client is a person and we are not just robots collecting evidence.

Yes a study guide is a great idea! Case studies always help the learner in my opinion. It would be nice to have chapter tests to evaluate the teams expertise as well.

Yes! That would be great. This is such a great book. I would love to see reviews and testing at the end of each section. Self guided learning, questions that make you think. I would like to see and learn about more normal’s (cervical changes, vaginal changes, etc). I would like more information and multiple choice questions on STD’s and what normal vs abnormal variances look like. I would like to see the answers in the back of the book, not at the end of the sections. Pictures are wonderful, sometimes pictures put everything into place. I would like information and questions on based on case study’s, this helps you process the information that you are learning about, makes it concrete. A study guide is a great idea, hope it happens. Make it affordable and easy to assess. Thanks.

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