Friday Wrap-Up and Safe Terminations

So here’s the craziest thing: I am home all week next week. And I am home now. And I will be home until the 22nd–of course, then we get into some ridiculous summer travel, but that’s another post. So I am enjoying the site of my desk, though I can barely see a square inch of it for all the crap that’s collected and piled everywhere. And I’m writing like a fiend: grants, articles, book chapters. Crazy! That’s my weekend plan at this point, along with some quality time with my girl-child and just a bit of World Cup (live streaming at But a couple things to note, including this upcoming webinar from Peace@Work on safe terminations. It’ll take place June 17th from 2:30-3:30 ET and is free to attend.

From the site:

Whether you are faced with terminating one employee for performance and misconduct or conducting a lay-off in these difficult economic times, this program will focus on safe terminations. While the larger issues of transition management will be referenced, the majority of time will discuss how the actual meeting can be conducted securely and to explore the warning signs of the dismissed employee that might return with a gun.

Learning Objectives :

1) Setting up the safe meeting
2) Firing fairly but firmly
3) Recognizing the warning signs of potential violence
4) Providing options to reduce animosity and stress
5) Continued surveillance

Also, this week here at FHO:

Hope it’s a fantastic weekend. See you back here Monday.