Social Determinants of Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Grantmakers in Health are co-sponsoring a free webinar on July 29th at 3pm ET: A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health. Now before you yawn and move on to something that sounds far more exciting, just stay with me for a sec.

If you’re unclear about the meaning of social determinants of health, see the CDC and WHO pages for succinct explanations. As the webinar hosts explain, “Participants will learn about better frames and messages, how to use data to support their cause, and insightful perspectives that affect how policymakers see health disparities. All participants will receive a copy of our new messaging guide on the social determinants of health.” (emphasis mine)

Learning how to make a compelling argument for your work and the patient populations you serve is a critical aspect of the profession. And these guys are pros. Anyone working at the state, regional or national level would be well-served to attend, but don’t discount the importance of this information at the local level. Policy starts small in many cases, and you can have a greater impact than you realize. And forensic clinicians should be working with our colleagues in other disciplines on issues of prevention, and webinars such as these help give us the tools to participate in those kinds of conversations.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now…