Physician in Whistle-Blower Case Charged

Last spring I posted on the nurse in TX who had been criminally prosecuted for alerting the medical board about unsafe practices by a physician with whom she worked. She was quickly acquitted by a jury, but she had already been fired by her hospital (as was a second nurse who was also initially charged, but whose charges were dropped). Now there is an interesting follow up in this story.

The Texas Medical Board has charged the physician at the center of this case. “The Texas Medical Board (TMB) has charged a family physician at the center of a nationally publicized whistle-blower case involving 2 nurses with poor medical judgment, nontherapeutic prescribing, failure to maintain adequate records, overbilling, witness intimidation, and other violations.” I think it’s fascinating that witness intimidation is one of the charges the TMB can file, but it’s appropriate in this case, as he used his personal relationship with the local sheriff (a friend and patient) to investigate what was initially an anonymous complaint by the nurses. They were ultimately charged with misuse of official information in what was deemed a personal vendetta.

You can read the full article over at Medscape.

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