Building Domestic Violence Health Care Responses in Indian Country

This month, the Family Violence Prevention Fund, in collaboration with Mending the Sacred Hoop Technical Assistance Project and Sacred Circle, released a new report, Building Domestic Violence Health Care Responses in Indian Country: A Promising Practices Report. The report “documents dramatic improvements in the health system’s response to domestic violence at Indian, Tribal and Urban health care facilities across the United States…The new report offers a series of recommendations to continue the progress and ensure that many more American Indian/Alaska Native domestic violence victims get the help that they need when they seek medical care at clinics and hospitals.” [reported here]

“With funding from the Indian Health Service and Administration for Children and Families, the IHS/ACF Domestic Violence Project began in 2002 and in the years since, has trained thousands of health care providers and community advocates, identified and empowered national experts, instituted sustainable DV response programs in hospitals and clinics, developed model policies and tools to better address abuse and prevent violence, and dramatically increased screening for DV. This report explains how that work that can be replicated.”

The full report can be downloaded here (PDF).