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Breast Ironing & the Weekly Wrap-Up

Apologies for missing a post yesterday, but I had a busted router, and therefore, no internet connection. Had I been up and running, I would have brought you this video clip [after the jump], which I find pretty disturbing. As far as things go, I’d say breast ironing, a practice found in Cameroon (in part to theoretically prevent young women from being raped) is right up there with genital mutilation.

Here’s what else you may have missed this week at FHO:

  • The Forensic Nurses’ Society of Canada’s webinar on forensic injury assessment
  • A webinar on social determinants of health hosted in part by RWJF
  • The outcomes of the Texas Medical Board’s investigation into the physician at the center of  a whistle-blower controversy
  • I’m back in the 216 after a great, albeit quick, trip to the Pacific Northwest. Looking forward to the better part of a week at home before I make my way to Seoul, courtesy of the US Army. More about that next week. In the meantime, we’ll be celebrating my child’s 9th birthday here, so it’s going to be a busy weekend. Hope there are some celebrations in your own weekend, even if it’s just celebrating surviving the craziness of another week. See you back here Monday!

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