DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been an amazing week here in DC, as we have just finished up the inaugural offering of our National Institute for the Prosecution of Domestic Violence II, which took our first DV course to an entirely new level. But that has left all of us exhausted and slightly bewildered: we’ll be starting over again next week with a sexual violence institute for the Army and Air Force. Happily, I was able to (mostly) able to keep up with postings for the week:

  1. A webinar on building DV healthcare responses in Indian country
  2. A free online, web-based course on DFSA protocols
  3. SAFEta Source’s SART Case Review webinar

My daughter flew down to spend the weekend with me in DC, so I am hoping to have a relaxing and relatively work-free (for me) weekend. See you back here Monday.