Bullying & Suicide

It’s been a fantastic week, what with the great group we had in Wyoming for our expert testimony workshop, and the appointment of my dear friends and AEquitas partner, Doug, to the bench in Colorado. And even better, I am looking at a weekend of pure play time. Totally needed. That being said, I wanted to post this incredibly moving video, which I’m sure many of you may have already seen on Facebook.

Yesterday, Ellen Degeneres put out a very eloquent plea about teen suicide and bullying, stemming from (yet another) gay teen ending his life after being bullied by peers. It’s so heartfelt and so lovely, I wanted to end the week with this reminder of how such a simple message, whether in our personal or professional worlds, can save lives.

And while we’re addressing the subject of gay:

(Thanks, Judy!)

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You are more than welcome! Thank *you* for spreading the word! Thinking critically about the words we use isn’t hard, but most people don’t do it… and those words create a culture in which tragedies like these occur, time and time again.

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