DV Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and you can find resources in several places (I’d recommend checking out NRCDV’s DV Awareness Project for materials and events; the President’s Proclamation can be found here). October 13th is Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day and I’ll be looking to this site to see what people are doing to commemorate it. On that day I will be giving a couple talks to some fantastic folks in Ft. Bend, TX (a couple hundred of them, actually), which I’m pretty geeked about. I always like having an official talk to deliver on days like this–it gives me an added platform to actually discuss violence as more than just a criminal justice issue.

If you’re still contemplating doing something in your own area, but you’re not sure what, check out the FVPF’s resource page for some inspiration. And if you’re looking to spend some money, check out Macy’s Shop for a Cause Day on October 16th–you can get all the info about it here.