This year has been (without exaggeration), the most painful and difficult, and also the most amazing year of my life. As the holidays approach, I can only spend a little time reflecting on just how far I have traveled this year (figuratively, and, 85K air miles later, also literally). I am enormously grateful for my people, more so today than ever before. And I find myself really sorting through what matters–to me, to my family, to my tribe.

It’s fitting then, that I post this TED talk by Chip Conley on measuring what makes life worthwhile. In it, he talks about how we can measure the intangibles, measure what really counts. It’s a talk that speaks volumes to me, particularly in the shadow of this holiday season. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

I’m in the CLE with most of my family for what is a particularly important holiday for us, although there is an obvious absence that will be remedied upon my return to DC on Friday. I hope you’ll be surrounded by those you love, wherever you’ll be. And a special thank you to all of you pulling a shift on the holiday. Here’s hoping for at least a brief break in the violence.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. See you back here Monday.

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