Building Healthcare Leadership, Round 2

The Family Violence Prevention Fund is offering a 2nd webinar on healthcare leadership, Building Health Care Leadership: A Systems Advocacy Approach to Addressing Domestic Violence in the Health Care System. The 1st was offered in July; however, this will not just be a replaying of the original, but an interactive original session. The session will be held December 3rd from 11-12:30 pm PT. You can register here.

From the site:

Learn the basic elements of working collaboratively with health care systems to establish an institutionalized response to domestic violence. This webinar will assist domestic violence advocates and health care providers in gaining administrative buy-in, building leadership to sustain a response, understanding the health care system’s infrastructures and how they can contribute to strengthening the response to patients experiencing domestic violence, setting realistic goals and objectives and evaluating progress. The webinar will also identify available materials and tools that can assist in developing a successful health care response to domestic violence.


Nancy Durborow, Consultant, Family Violence Prevention Fund (formerly with Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

Susan McCormick Hadley, Adjunct Faculty, University of Minnesota Medical School; Doctoral Program, Fielding Graduate University, Forensic Psychology; Founder of WomanKind: An Integrated Model of 24-Hour Health Response to Domestic Violence