Child Abuse

Competing Meanings of Childhood

Stop It Now is hosting a webinar December 7th from 9am, Competing Meanings of Childhood: Implications for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. From the site: “As a child and family serving professional, have you ever thought about how assumptions about childhood impact your work or that of your agency or even policies that relate to your work? In this presentation¬†Dr. Dominic Pasura of the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies, University of Huddersfield, UK,¬† explores different meanings of children and childhood internationally and their significance in the prevention of child sexual abuse.”

About the speakers:

Dominic Pasura, PhD is a Research Fellow at the Center for Applied Childhood Studies at the University of Huddersfield, UK.  His current focus is on child sexual abuse, including a comparative research study among three countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and developing an evaluation framework for the prevention of child sexual abuse. Dominic earned his PhD in Sociology at the University of Warwick specialising in migration, diaspora and transnationalism. Prior to coming to Huddersfield, Dominic was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Geography at University College London.

Deborah Donovan Rice, Executive Director of Stop It Now!, is responsible for the overall management and operation of Stop It Now! in keeping with the strategic goals of the organization. Her prior work in the child sexual abuse prevention field includes program development, management, and implementation on national and state-wide levels. Her work is informed by her experience of having been sexually abused.