Performance Evaluation + a Cool Webinar for our Attorney Friends

Okay, gang, commence with the collective eye rolling: time once again for an evaluation offering. I know, I know–not the most popular of subjects on this site. And yet, I still force feed you them. Why? One, because I’m a giant nerd, and I think evaluation is cool and super interesting; and two, you can’t sustain something if you aren’t sure it’s getting the job done, or you don’t know how to be better at what you’re already doing. So a whole bunch of folks are putting on a live webinar on evaluating organization performance, and perhaps you’d like to attend.

The session will be February 8th from 10:30-11:30 ET (see–just one hour! You can do *anything* for 1 hour!) and participation is free. Just log-in to attend.

Also, for our attorney readers (and I love that there are now so many of you), a very cool webinar being offered February 8th, 2-3pm ET– Social Media and Trial by Jury: Identifying Problems, Designing Solutions. From the site:

People are constantly engaged online — surfing the Internet at home, at work and at the courthouse. While convenience and accessibility to information are unparalleled, our obsession with hand-held devices presents large challenges for the management of jury trials. For example, jurors’ use of Internet-enabled devices can cause expensive mistrials, and Internet research done by lawyers may infringe upon the privacy of jurors. What can the bench and the bar do to deal with this new world of social media communication? Can we accommodate the proper use of texting, tweeting and the like during a jury trial? This webinar, moderated by Judge Gregory E. Mize, will help define the challenges and chart practical solutions. Panelists include Judge Dennis M. Sweeney and Professor Caren Myers Morrison.

Register for the session here.