Nursing Education

I get a ton of email and questions at conferences about nursing education. Most of it is from nurses who want to continue their education and aren’t sure where they should head; some are from people who can’t figure out the initials after my name (in the rare instances I use them) or of their own medical experts, and don’t know the difference between all the degrees, certifications and just random initials placed after people’s names (rule of thumb, folks: initials after your name must be earned or awarded).

So it was with interest that I started reading this article in Medscape Nursing: Overhauling Nursing Education. Interestingly, forensic nursing is listed in their table of “non-traditional nursing careers”. I was glad to see that they also discussed residency programs for nurses, which was a part of my graduate program and shaped my entire career path. It’s a quick read, but worth it.

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