DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Mandatory Reporting, Clery Act, and Confidentiality on Campus

Greetings from Camp Lejeune, and apologies for my absence at the end of last week. Sometimes there’s simply *no* way to keep up. Particularly with the travel schedule I am slogging through right now. But enough of that–let’s talk campus sexual assault.

Specifically understanding mandatory reporting, the Clery Act and confidentiality on campus. CCASA is offering a webinar on this topic February 23rd from 12-1:30pm MT. Participation is free, but preregistration is required. From the site:

This webinar will discuss the importance of maintaining confidentiality while ensuring that campus programs are compliant with the Clery Act.  It will also discuss innovative attempts to increase reports of assault, while allowing victims to remain anonymous.  This webinar will address the benefits and challenges of these tools, as your campus strives to create and implement best-practices in this arena.

Cynthia Fraser (again!) will be the featured speaker.