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Conference on Crimes Against Women

I promised my dear friend Jan Langbein that I would make mention of the upcoming multidisciplinary Conference on Crimes Against Women, March 28-30 in Dallas, TX. We will actually be putting on a forensic healthcare track this year for the 1st time (I’ll be accompanied by the always fabulous Jennifer Pierce-Weeks and Tara Henry), with topics including examining victims of rape homicides and providing expert testimony. Nuirsing CEUs will be provided, and the Honorable Cindy Dyer (former Director of OVW) will be the keynote. Should be a great offering.

You can register for the conference here.

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Hi – curious – are you aware of any good conferences that I could send one of my nurses to this summer? She’s in serious need of CEUs but her time is limited to summertime only thigns (June – August). Ideally the training would be some sort of advanced SANE or “expanding your forensic services” type of training. All I can find so far are basic SANE classes. I’ve given her lots of online options too… but I’d like to send her somewhere – cuz we have the $ and it’s good for retention. thx for any input!

Lauren, I actually am unaware of any national conferences during those 3 months–they’re tough months for conferences. SANE-SART is the end of May, and that’s always a good one. Which state are you in? There may be some state-sponsored trainings that could fit the bill. For instance, I know I’ll be teaching for the Pennsylvania advanced SANE course in June.

I just returned to Phoenix from Dallas…3 days of absolutely priceless information. I could not be more please with the amount of information the 3 of you all presented at the conference that will benefit me personally and the unit I work for. Great job and thank you to you all.

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! I will certainly pass it along to my other presenters.

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