A Survivor’s Journey

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Please join Futures Without Violence for a free webinar May 10th at 1pm ET, A Survivor’s Journey: Understanding the Health Impact of Abuse and Paths to Promote Wellness.

From the site:

Domestic, dating, or sexual violence can shatter the sense of well-being that allows each of us to thrive. It also can cause health problems that last a lifetime. A woman who has experienced violence may find caring for her health even more complicated. Many survivors of violence find it almost impossible to go to the doctor, dentist, or other specialists due to the controlling behavior of the abuser.

In this webinar we will first explore the health impact of abuse by reviewing the latest data and research. We will then hear from one survivor’s experience of violence and coping, and learn how she discovered the importance of becoming proactive in her health care. She will detail the steps that she took with health care professionals in her life to have them partner with her in caring for her health.

This webinar is targeted for any woman who may have experienced abuse, and other DV/SA advocates and health care providers are also welcome to take part.

Featured Presenters:

  • Nancy Durborow, Domestic Violence Advocate
  • Anna Marjavi, Futures Without Violence
  • Olga Trujillo, President, Olga Trujillo Consulting