Risk Assessment: Battered Women v. Professionals

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I spend a lot of time talking with both healthcare and prosecution about assessing for risk and dangerousness. So this upcoming webinar from BWJP has certainly piqued my interest. Risk Assessment: Battered Women v. Professionals–Who’s the Wiser? will be held May 18th from 3-4:30 pm ET. Registration ends the day before, so plan accordingly.

From the site:

The question of how to best assess risk of future violence has received considerable attention in recent research on IPV, but the field still has much to learn in order to inform best practices. In particular, research has focused primarily on the prediction of future violence, while professionals focus on prevention of violence, and victims may be focused on a broader array of risks than those posed by physical violence.

This presentation will describe key research findings and key gaps in our understanding related to three sources of information about IPV victim risk: risk assessment instruments, victims themselves, and professionals. We will then discuss the way forward: the development and evaluation of strategies that tie risk prediction to risk management, amplify victim voices, and integrate professional expertise.