Photo Basics

I have had quite a few emails from my Photo post the other day, including several questions about how to get stronger on the foundations–simply understanding the way the camera works and how to take a basic shot. In a lovely example of the planets aligning, Lifehacker, a favorite timesuck of mine, has a new Night School post, The Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

While some of the sections won’t apply to your professional life, they may still make your family photos a whole lot better, so you can download the full guide here (PDF) or just click on the individual sections (1-3 are probably most relevant). I looked through the whole thing last night and I thought they did a pretty nice job of laying out the basics in a way that’s easy to digest.

You can also check out the Shortcourses Bookstore, which has a lot of ebooks on specific camera equipment that might be helpful and specific to you and your team’s needs.