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With all the press surrounding the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, it’s hard not to comment. But quite frankly, there’s plenty that’s already been said (and in some cases, said really well), so I’ll leave it at this: in my 16 years of taking care of sexual assault patients, I have yet to meet the victim that could withstand the kind of scrutiny that has been leveled at the victim in this case. The kind of victim who has no embarrassing, or god forbid, illegal, actions in her past (distant or otherwise); who comes forward immediately and is consistent down to the word in her repeated retellings of the events; who only associates with people of unimpeachable character; who is able to catalog everything she drinks prior to the assault, and everyone she talks to before and after; and who has never been assaulted in the past. All that makes us human makes us lousy sexual assault witnesses, each and every one of us.

If you are so inclined to read the articles, blog entries and editorials that are out there, here’s a sample of what I’ve been reading (thanks to Twitter, Facebook and my Google Reader, there’s been plenty). But do me a favor, and also read Lonsway, et al.’s article on false reports (PDF), just to sneak a little science into the conversation:

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Beautifully said Jen. I would like to add my years of practice to your tally and validate your statments, thank you………jacqui

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