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Say No to Violence

Have you seen this site? It’s a really interesting idea from the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. It’s been live for awhile now, but I have only just come across it (again, thanks Twitter). What’s fascinating about it is that it is more social media than similar sites. And it’s in French, English and Spanish.

There’s an organizer’s toolkit section, some online petitions and a few quizzes to be found, which makes it great for education. But what’s really cool is the ability for users to create their own pages on the site, and start their own action (or join another already in progress). There are actions in progress all over the world, and they’re searchable by organization and country, but there’s plenty of new ideas waiting to be launched. Perfect for those of you wanting to flex your activist muscles a bit. I could lose an entire afternoon to this site.