Now available: Forensic tattoos!

Now available in the newly opened FHO Store, a series of temporary tattoos for the forensic clinician. See the full series after the jump and find out about our latest giveaway.

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All tattoos are $5 each, except the sperm, which are $3 each, or 3 for $8. You can also get the full set (1 of each) for $33:

  • *Sperm
  • *DNA Double Helix
  • *Camera
  • *Stethoscope
  • *Speculum
  • *Forensic Nurse Tattoo Heart
  • *L Ruler
  • *Polaroids (This is tied with the L Ruler for my personal fave)

Click here to order and I will respond with FHO’s PayPal link. However, 1 FHO reader will win his/her own sample pack.

Here’s how to enter the drawing:

  1. Leave me a comment in this post about what you would do with your own temporary tattoos.
  2. Post a message on the FHO Facebook wall with the same information.
  3. Tweet your response instead (but make sure to mention @ForensicHealth so you’ll be eligible).
The most creative response (as decided upon by a panel of esteemed colleagues) will win. Please post your response by noon (ET) on August 3rd to enter.

8 replies on “Now available: Forensic tattoos!”

With my tattoos I would use them to promote forensic nursing during forensic nurses week and put one on each of my nurses to wear that week, all 12 of them!!! I must say I don’t know how to tweet but will go to facebook.

Great Tattoos! I’ll wear the DNA helix to convocation dinner at the start of my PhD program in Sept!

I think this is a really cute idea. But being the critically minded (and frequently resentful) feminist that I can be what’s up with the sperm? Why the focus on the frickin sperm?

WHy no tattoos of say… breasts? A vulva perhaps? How bout showing up to a boring cocktail party with one of those on your arm?

But hey – in all seriousness, a really useful tattoo would be of various types of injury that could be used during mock training events for nurses to practice describing and photographing.


1st, let me say, you’re a genius. The next round of tatts will be wounds. Brilliant, so stand by on that. 2nd, sperm, because forensic nurses still have a love affair with the little guys, so I tossed one in. I myself am partial to the L ruler, I have to admit.

I would place the speculum tattoo right on my chest and the sperm and DNA on either side of my neck when I attend our monthly supervisors/management meeting to remind them that the SANE program is very different than any other program in the organization and has needs that are unique to it..

I would also wear them out to my second job to encourage people to ask about them so I could promote SANE programs and the wonderful, valuable work that we do.

I’d stop my car the next time I see the picketers outside Planned Parenthood. First I’d pass a few out, then I’d go into the clinic and make a monetary donation.

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