Twitter (Where are you, people?)

This is a post for the forensic nurses, so the rest of you please look away for a sec…

Okay, now that it’s just us, I need to ask you–where are you guys? I see you all over Facebook, but out there on Twitter, you’re nowhere to be found. Do you know how much amazing information is sent out into the universe via 140 characters? Do you know that our advocate colleagues have a serious presence on Twitter? Collaboration and interdisciplinary education no longer just happen in person. In fact, much of it is happening less and less in person and more through social media than ever before. Some of the best info I get comes from folks like @ORSATF@PreventConnect, and so on. And all the good stuff that so many of you email to tell me you love about FHO? There’s even more of it on Twitter. That’s where I send out information on region-specific trainings, great news articles and much, much more. See that button to the right of this post, just under the Subscribe via Email? That’s all you have to click on to follow @ForensicHealth (that’s me) right now.

You don’t have to tweet to have a twitter account. If you’re shy, or you feel too busy or too overwhelmed at the thought it, just get yourself following some of the people and organizations in your world (they’re searchable), and then see what they have to say. Here’s a screenshot of my twitter homepage right now:

See? All contained, right there, just waiting to be visited whenever I want. But if you need a little more formal intro, you can read all about how to use Twitter here. I just want to see more of us wading into the social media pool–so many of our friends have been standing in the deep end waiting for us to just get our feet wet. What are *you* waiting for?