CDC’s Response to Injury

The CDC is hosting a webinar Friday, November 4th at 2pm ET, The CDC’s Response to Injury: Update for Partners from the Division of Injury Response. The session will focus on traumatic brain injury, terrorism and disaster response. Register for the session here.

From the site:

CDC’s Division of Injury Response works to increase the capacity to prevent injuries and their adverse health effects by working with partners to develop, evaluate, and promote evidence-based prevention and care practices. Join Richard C. Hunt, MD, FACEP, Director, Division of Injury Response to learn about CDC’s key initiatives in traumatic brain injury, state injury programs, field triage, advanced automatic collision notification, and disaster response, especially terrorist’s use of explosives.

An Q/A discussion with Division leadership will follow this presentation.

Featured speaker: Richard C. Hunt, MD, FACEP, Director of the Division of Injury Response, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention