Animal Cruelty and Violence

I had a question from a reader wanting to know if there were any webinars on domestic violence and animal abuse. I think Allie Phillips is doing some of the best work out there on the topic, and one of her webinars is archived over at ASPCA: The Linkages between Violence to Animals and People. From the site: This webinar will explain the research and theories behind the linkage of violence to animals and people. Investigation and prosecution strategies on handling “Link” crimes will be discussed, as well as the psychological impact of animal abuse on children, and how to include animal protection in your multi-disciplinary team to better prevent, investigate, and cross-report all forms of abuse.

Add: Thanks Allie, for the following message:

I just provided a webinar on the Linkages between violence to animals and people. Please visit and you will be prompted to request a password to access the webinar.