Bullying and Harassment

One of the best parts of living in DC is the ability to attend live events across a broad spectrum. Today, for instance, I was able to attend a briefing at the National Press Club on the AAUW report I mentioned on FHO last week. The panel was fascinating, and high school students were invited to attend as a way to include their voices in the conversation.

Another guest in the audience, who was given a few moments to speak, was one of the staffers from GLSEN. She was there to discuss the study they had done in 2009 about the experience of LGBT students in US schools, The 2009 National School Climate Survey. Interestingly enough, there were many similarities between the AAUW report findings and GLSEN’s from 2 years prior. For those of you working on issues of bullying and harassment in school, this is another source of data to add to your growing arsenal.

Add: In looking back on some bullying posts, I see I have been remiss in including the recent VAWnet publication, Addressing the Gendered Dimensions and Bullying: What Domestic and Sexual Violence. Not sure how that happened, but it’s a good read. From the siteThis paper introduces and discusses a recent policy memo from the U.S. Department of Education that clarifies the distinctions between bullying and harassment and the priorities and responsibilities of school districts, outlines the differences between sexual harassment and bullying, explores the unintended consequences of ignoring the gendered dimensions of bullying and harassment in K-12 schools, and suggests helpful strategies for advocates collaborating with school personnel and students.