10 Things: Gifts for Colleagues

Still have some shopping to do for trusted team members and other colleagues? Allow me to make some suggestions. A new 10 Things: Gifts for Colleagues after the jump…

  1. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High: You know what people always seem to need help with? Having straight forward, honest communication. Hoping to promote the concept of ethical communication among your peers? Then let me suggest this book (available in actual book form, or eBook), which I am in the process of reading myself. While I find the vibe of the book a tad self-help-y (not a bad thing, just not my thing), the content is pretty spot on. Might want to pick up a copy for yourself while you’re at it. You can never be too skilled in the art of communication.
  2. Moleskine Notebooks: No matter how much technology I employ, there will always be a place for pen and paper in my world. I can’t function without a moleskine notebook (I’m almost due for a new one). It’s my to-do lists, my idea home, and the beginning point for many articles and book chapters. You can use them as-is, but I hack mine (I’m partial to tabs). This one would be great for keeping collections of clinical pearls, perfectly sized for a lab coat pocket.
  3. Action pencils: Okay, so if you live outside the UK, it might be tough to get these in time for your holiday celebration (unless your crew is more of a let’s get together after the New Year sort, in which case, awesome). My favorite in the bunch is “Don’t be an ideas killer”.
  4. Gift an App: Are there some Apps you love for your mobile device or iPad? Did you know you can give them as gifts? Look at the tools you use yourself and consider making a gift of one or two you think would be useful for those around you. For instance, a good anatomy app could be beneficial for your team, and at $1.99 a pop, it’s a pretty economical gift. You could even create a virtual stocking filled with free and low-cost apps…
  5. Jeni’s Ice Cream: Let’s face it–everyone can use a treat now and again. What could be better than coming home after seeing a patient at 2am and opening up the freezer to find one of these waiting for you? Or ship in a sampler pack, like the Splendid Holiday collection, to make your regularly scheduled staff meeting a party. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, pick up her book and make a couple batches for the special folks in your world. Jeni’s has long been an Ohio treasure, but now the rest of the world gets to enjoy her amazing frozen goodness, too.
  6. Minimergency Kit for Her: For the travelers among you, it has a great collection of emergency odds and ends, including double-sided sticky tape for hem emergencies, nail polish wipes, and more. All perfect for those road crises that tend to crop up right before you’re about to give a talk or attend any other type of grown up function where a falling-down hem would be frowned upon. It would be equally great to stash in your office or keep in your car. There’s also one for men (sadly without the cool case that the women’s kit has).
  7. Jlab USB Laptop Speaker: This one is on my own list–a travel speaker that plugs into your USB drive. Great if you give multimedia presentations and don’t want to rely on your hosts to provide audio. Even better for those of you who think holding the lavaliere mike up to your computer speaker is sufficient (let’s be honest, I’ve done it). Honey, if you’re reading this, any one of them except the Cotton Candy pink, please.
  8. Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims: Make an impact through a donation to the Relief Fund in your team’s name. Or really a donation to any number of fantastic organizations and programs that help support victims of violence or prevent violence altogether (I will be posting an extensive list of suggested organizations and agencies this week). Easy to do and incredibly meaningful.
  9. Recycled Paper Bird Ornaments: Speaking of making an impact–I give my daughter a special ornament every year, and I love these gorgeous birds. The fact that they support a worthy cause makes them even lovelier. I ordered mine today.
  10. Bamboo Stylus: For the iPad and iPhone 4 users in your life, this sleek (and highly rated) stylus allows for easier note taking and drawing, and is far less expensive than the bluetooth keyboards that many of our colleagues use (plus much, much smaller). I haven’t bought one yet, but this one is also on my wish list. Plus they come in pretty colors, and whose life couldn’t use an infusion of color every now and again?

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