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UPDATED 12/15/11

With the massive amount of media buzz surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s pretrial hearing (or waiving there of, as I have just read), I figured I’d point you toward a couple of recently posted (related) resources at the NSVRC site. The 1st is Answers to Questions About Recent Child Sex Abuse Case, written in conjunction with ATSA.

The second is the 3-part series featuring Jackson Katz, known, in part, for his work on engaging bystanders in sexual violence prevention. You can read part 1 (Penn State: The Mother of All Teachable Moments for the Bystander Approach) here; part 2 (Penn State and the Bystander Approach: Laying Bare the Dynamics in Male Peer Culture) here. Part 3, Moving Beyond Penn State: Bystander Training as Leadership Training is forthcoming; I will post it when it is published  available here.

For more resources, you can also check out NSVRC’s Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Online Resource Collection.