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Multilingual Emergency Contraception Fact Sheets

For those of you looking for quality, concise information on emergency contraception (EC), the Reproductive Health Access Project has some new options. Better yet, they are available in several languages. Their patient EC user guide is available in PDF or Word, in English and Spanish. Their EC planning guide is available in English, Spanish, Creole and Portuguese. There’s also a patient handout (available in English, Spanish, Creole, and Portuguese), which differentiates EC and medical abortion (“the abortion pill”), for patients who may struggle with concerns about similarities between the two.

The site doesn’t just carry EC information–there are a variety of fact sheets available, for all of the different types of birth control that exist, in multiple languages. Additionally, there are also a couple fact sheets that help patients understand how to choose a birth control method for themselves, and an overview of which pharmacies stock low-cost birth control pills. Please keep in mind these are not a substitute for being able to have a thorough, well-informed conversation with your patient on the topic. But they do make a nice patient handout to provide in addition to that clinical conversation.

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