The Interrupters on PBS

I just discovered that PBS is showing The Interrupters in its entirety on their website. It premiered last night on tv; you can check the website to see when it will air again in your area. If you aren’t familiar with the film, it specifically looks at the work of CeaseFire, an organization dedicated to preventing gun violence. I’ve heard amazing things about the film–seeing as I don’t have plans, it may be what’s happening at my house tonight…

From The Interrupters‘ website:

The film’s main subjects work for an innovative organization, CeaseFire. It was founded by an epidemiologist, Gary Slutkin, who believes that the spread of violence mimics the spread of infectious diseases, and so the treatment should be similar: go after the most infected, and stop the infection at its source. One of the cornerstones of the organization is the “Violence Interrupters” program, created by Tio Hardiman, who heads the program. The Interrupters — who have credibility on the streets because of their own personal histories — intervene in conflicts before they explode into violence.

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