Ethical Communication

My general experience is that people are lousy at dealing with conflict directly. I was reminded of this relatively recently, as many of you may recall. So I couldn’t be happier with the fact that IAFN is offering a webinar, Ethical Communication–Making it Work. It will be held October 2nd from 2-3:15 pm ET. Cost is $15/members ($30 non-members) and will net you 1 CEU.

From the site:

What Is Ethical Communication? What is the best way to address conflicts in the work place, whether personal, philosophical or professional? How do we ensure that our communication in professional settings promotes respect for divergent points of view, honors and supports our co-workers, and clearly conveys our own perspectives and values. This webinar will provide an overview of ethical communication principles and how adherence to those principles can promote organizational health and a supportive working environment. Strategies for respectfully addressing conflict and holding others accountable for upholding ethical communication principles will be covered.