Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke, 4/15/13

I confess, an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in DC kept me outside and away from all electronics most of the time. So what I’ve been reading since last we spoke is a bit scant. However, there’s some good stuff among the list for you this week–if you read nothing else, check out the piece on busyness for sure. Also, I have changed the plugin I use for mobile viewing of this site. You should be able to read it much more easily on your smart phones and other mobile devices.

Faltering Courts, Mired in Delays (NY Times)

5 Steps to Separate Science from Hype, No PhD Required (The Incubator)

How Justice Is Denied to Military Women (US News and World Report)

When Evidence Goes Viral (CNN)

Minnesota law for sex trafficking victims (Star Tribune)

Designing the Doctor of the Future (The Health Care Blog)

Nurses: a foundation for health IT adoption (Disruptive Women in Health Care)

Generic OxyContin Pains the FDA (Wall St. Journal)

Critics question White House mental health fix (Politico)

And especially this: Busyness is Not a Virtue (iDoneThis Blog)