Since Last We Spoke, Veteran’s Day Edition

I am currently hopscotching my way back across the country after stealing a weekend with my spouse in Santa Fe (post-awesome week of SANE training in Montana). Plenty of time to catch up on some reading since I did not do anything even related to work while down there (hello Canyon Road., hello silver jewelry, hello green chile). Tomorrow I will be back at it, but for today I am hurrying up and waiting–a lot. So here’s what I’ve been reading (today) since last we spoke:

{Nerd Alert}: Poster “The Human Papillomavirus” (Visual Science)

Ex-Prosecutor in Texas Is Punished for a Wrongful Conviction (NY Times)

Using Humor to Talk About Birth Control (NY Times)

Technology for Good Report: Innovative Use of Technology by Charities (Techsoup—PDF)

5 Mobile Fundraising Apps for Do-Gooders and Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good)

Police probe website targeting crime witnesses (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Is Pentagon response to sexual assault broken? Clash over new bill. (Christian Science Monitor)

Sexual assault endemic for agricultural workers (Feministing)

Cartels as Businesses, Terrorism as a Brand, Gang Violence as an Epidemic: 4 Talks for Rethinking how to Stop Violence (Cure Violence Blog)

{For my academic colleagues—and some of my nonacademic ones, as well}: You Need a Website (Inside Higher Ed)

More ways you can help the Philippines (Idealist Blog)

“Stand Up and Be a Man”: What the NFL Bullying Scandal Tells Us About Masculinity (Slate)

And because today is Veterans Day, a few words of gratitude to all of those who have served or continue to serve (and the family members and loved ones who support them). Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I am privileged to work with so many veterans, including an amazing posse of women veterans who are central in my life, personally and professionally. Do check out this photo essay that honors women veterans over at CNN, “Every bit a woman, every bit a veteran”.