Since Last We Spoke, 11/25/13 (#16Days Edition)

I’ll keep this brief, because I have much to do today and intend to take the rest of the week off (surrounded by family and eating my weight in Thanksgiving/Hanukkah treats). Also, we’re nursing colds in the FHO household right now, so some prescribed down time is in order. First things first: today begins the 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Violence Campaign. Head over to their site to read up on the campaign, get some ideas for how you can participate and check out their downloadable resources.

Because of the whole my-house-is-a-giant-petrie-dish thing, there were few intellectual pursuits this weekend (baking and movie watching predominantly). But a few things did catch my eye online, so here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

What to say when you’re asked to work for free (The Star)

Natives on Bullying & Suicide: ‘Coulda Drowned, But I Grabbed a Rope’ (Indian Country Today Media Network)

Thousands Protest Rape Culture In New Zealand, Saying It’s Become ‘A National Health Crisis’ (Think Progress)

Two Gunshots On a Summer Night: A Deputy’s Pistol, a Dead Girlfriend, a Flawed Inquiry (NY Times)

The 7 Steps To Delivering A Mind-Blowing TED Talk (Fast Company)

Lesbians Wrongfully Convicted Of Molesting Children Are Expected To Walk Free (Huffington Post)

Next steps crucial for QB, woman (ESPN, Ed: If anyone needed a good illustration for why prosecutors need to put on medical experts in the absence of anogenital injury, here you go…)

Safe Magazine (the inaugural edition from Together for Girls)

And finally, for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah, I hope you have a peaceful and joy-filled holiday surrounded by people you love. See you back here next week with the 2013 gift guide for team members and maybe even a new Articles of Note.