Sexual Assault

Serial Offending and the Testing of Rape Kits

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The DNA Resource Center is offering a webinar next week, Serial Offending and the Testing of Rape Kits. The session will be held January 14th at 11am. You can register here.

From the site:

Research on so-called “undetected” rapists – men who commit rapes but who are either not reported or not prosecuted for their crimes – has clearly demonstrated that the old stereotypes about rapists are false. Undetected rapists, who represent the vast majority of rapists, and account for the vast majority of rapes, use extensive planning, often use of alcohol and other drugs to render their victims vulnerable, and rely on minimal force to threaten and intimidate their victims into submission. A majority of these rapists are serial offenders, and the evidence suggests that they typically begin their offending careers during adolescence. Evidence also indicates that serial offenders account for more than 90% of all rapes. These data underscore the potential importance of testing non -stranger sexual assault kits and maintaining DNA databases derived from the processing of rape kits.