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Since Last We Spoke 4/21/14

I have had a lot of emails asking if I will be at the EVAW Conference this week in Seattle–many good friends are out there, but I will not be. I am heading to Indianapolis on Wednesday to teach some of the advanced SANE sessions at the INCASA Conference,  so I am looking forward to seeing many FHO readers there (and if we have never met, please come introduce yourself–I love meeting readers). And then I am heading to Argentina for a week of food and wine with my best friend. I will not be working (it’s 100% vacation), but I will be rerunning some of FHO’s greatest hits the week I’m gone, so the site won’t be dark. However, I *was* working a bit this weekend, and managed to do a decent amount of reading–here’s what caught my interest since last we spoke:


Further proof that I am not the only person obsessed with how to run a staff meeting

Also obsessed with grammar–you should be, too

The calculus of getting paid what you’re worth when you freelance (also: consult–this applies)

Harvard is not helping itself

Neither is American University

No question that these conversations about sexual violence on college campuses are warranted–and overdue

But some good news for campus victims on the horizon

TBI and adolescents in detention and corrections facilities

No matter how much time passes, the trauma of violence is so vivid for these men

New domestic violence statistics are out from the Department of Justice

Adolescent grief is different

The resurgence of the medical scribe