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Since Last We Spoke 6-30-14

Greetings from Smith Mountain Lake! It’s the perfect place for lazing about, on the deck or down at the dock, doing nothing but eating and reading. Coincidentally, that is exactly what my plan is for the week. So here’s what has caught my eye since last we spoke:

How we use social media, illustrated
Alternatives to prison?
Him again…
Feels like he’d be right at home here
When Facebook contributes to trauma
Thanks, Sarah Tucker, for posting this bit of nerdy awesomeness
Are you surrounded by idiots?
Heartbreaking in Detroit (and sadly every other city)
I love a good list (#YesAllWomen)
When the juvenile justice system isn’t the answer

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Thank you for your assortment of thought-provoking and enlightening reads. I took the time this morning to check out each one, and it was worth the effort. A bit depressing for first thing on Tuesday morning, but hey, that’s our field of work. I always learn something valuable from your blog.

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