Child Abuse DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 8-25-14

Hey, Toronto readers: I’m coming to your fair city for a wee bit of relaxation this weekend. You all know how much I love a good meal, so feel free to send your food suggestions my way. We’ll be there for the (US) holiday weekend, so I’ve basically got 3 days on the ground. I’m fortunate enough to get to eat a lot of terrific meals all over the world; the goal for this weekend is less emphasis on fancy, more emphasis on seriously authentic ethnic foods of all stripes. Toronto is such a cool, diverse city, we’re hoping to basically just graze our way through the weekend.

Now that we’ve taken care of the important stuff I can tell you that this past weekend was a bust. Really the best thing I can say about it was that I now no longer have staples in my head, so there’s the silver lining. I had plenty of time to read, though; here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Sexual Assault

Telling Your Story: Marketing and Branding Your Agency

It’s been a while since I posted something in the sustainability vein, and this upcoming webinar from TESSA and CCASA was irresistible. It’s really the type of educational offering I love, because it’s forward-thinking; that perfect session for those of you who feel like you have your program up and running, and now want to take the next step. Telling Your Story: Marketing and Branding Your Agency will be held September 3 from 12-1:30 pm MT. Click through for details.

Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 6-30-14

Greetings from Smith Mountain Lake! It’s the perfect place for lazing about, on the deck or down at the dock, doing nothing but eating and reading. Coincidentally, that is exactly what my plan is for the week. So here’s what has caught my eye since last we spoke: