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Prepping for Court: Adult Sexual Assault

I’d like to introduce a new series here on the site: Prepping for Court. The purpose is to introduce people to the articles and books that I think are solid, reliable publications that can help inform testimony. Of course I’ll start with adult sexual assault, since it’s still the most popular topic at FHO. For this first one I have broken it into different sections, because different cases will have different issues. But all of the resources listed here are ones that I think are quality, and since we don’t have the time (or will) to read everything that’s ever been published on a given subject, this should give clinicians (and attorneys) a good foundation. Disagree with any of these or think I’ve missed some? Let me know and we’ll address it.


  • Markowitz, J. and Pierce-Weeks, J (2012). Consensual Sex Injury. In T. Henry’s Atlas of Sexual Violence. Elsevier, St. Louis, MO.

Alcohol and Intoxication

General Health Implications of Sexual Violence

Exam Techniques

Male Sexual Assault Patients

General Sexual Violence


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We don’t say it enough, but THANK YOU for all you do to provide us resources and help keep us up to date. You are a true hero to me. Thanks you. Ellen

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