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Since Last We Spoke, 12-1-14

I hope everyone who was celebrating had an enjoyable holiday–we definitely did. Our week was filled with too much food and lots of time with friends and family, so my battery was recharged a bit. I’m back home now, but only for a minute. This week I’m heading to New Orleans where I hope to see some of you here.

I tried to stay offline as much as I could while on vacation last week, but did see a few things that caught my attention. Here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

Today is World AIDS Day: “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation”

Learn how to take a compliment

Also, stop trashing other folks



Well, this is a problem…

For many of you (and me, seriously)

Not surprisingly, her twitter feed is one of my faves

A crap response begets a crap outcome. Surprise.

I like everything about this

Trauma informed care: this is how it starts

I’ll have to see the whole series

Finally–many of you sent me this article and asked about my thoughts. All I can say is it’s getting better.

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Hi Jen ,
I was wondering if you knew of any research regarding HPV and its ability to be transmitted from inanimate objects. One of our nurses is pretty sure she is going to be asked about it in court and we haven’t been able to find any research.
It was great seeing you in AZ – I really enjoyed the classes you and Sasha did together! You are a great combination!


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