10 Things: 2014 Gift Guide

If you’re trying to figure out what to pick up for members of your team this year, allow me to make some suggestions. They’re all things I have either given, currently covet, or plan to give myself this season.To make it a bit more fun, I’ve broken the list down a bit this year:

#1 For your team member who insists on capturing every moment on her iPhone:  A gift card for Artifact Uprising. I love this company and have used them repeatedly for a number of items (I’m partial to the wood block and prints.) The best part is they have an app that allows you to upload photos directly from your phone right to their site, making it ridiculously simple to share them in the physical world, not just on Facebook and Instagram.

#2 For your team member, the multitasker: Every team has this person, the one who is going in a thousand different direction and manages to make it all work. Make her life a bit lovelier with one of these planners. I live much of my life plugged in, but there are somethings that still feel better with paper and pen, and while Google calendar works great for the big stuff, the daily minutiae in my life makes it into a book like this.

#3 For your team member with all the tech: Having a tangle of cords in your bag is no joy; this cord wrap is an elegant solution (and it won’t take up a ton of room, like others out there). Also comes in orange, a color I gravitate to for some reason, when it comes to travel accessories.

#4 For your team member who seems to get all of the calls : Let’s face it–if she’s getting all the calls, she’s doing a lot of hand washing. I love their lotions (they’re a staple in my travel bag, and one always ends up in my stocking every year) and their scented stuff isn’t overpowering. If this member of your team happens to be a he, try this set instead.

#5 For your team member who always bakes for staff meetings: Hey, there’s no shame in planting the seed for future yum yums–I do the same thing with my spouse, who’s a killer baker. This book looks divine.

#6 For your team member who thinks email is the bane of her existence: I’m a huge fan of Everlane–I buy all my sweaters and tees there, pretty much to the exclusion of others. I like their business practices and their clothes hold up to lots of washing, dry cleaning and travel. But this year they also have some new gifts available, including these notecards, which I adore. Perfect for someone who is still willing to pen a handwritten thank you note now and again.

#7 For your team member who always packs her lunch: Who doesn’t love a good bento box? Normally, though, they’re rectangle–I like this one because it also works for things like oatmeal and soup. Just elevates the bag lunch a tad.

#8 For your team member who could use a bit of comfort this season: The holidays can be a tough time of year, and not being a huge coffee drinker, tea for me is a necessity. There’s something about the act of sitting down to a hot cup of tea that is entirely comforting, and I’m partial to these guys for tea (I buy loose tea in bulk, but always have a few packets of their jasmine green tea in my bag). This sampler would make a great gift.

#9 For your team member who has great style, even in scrubs or a lab coat: It’s nice to buy gifts that also contribute to good causes. These bracelets are fair trade, and proceeds help fight human trafficking in Cambodia. Love the look of them and the other jewelry on the site. The message is a nice one, too.

#10 For your team member who just needs a reminder: I am crazy about this manifesto in all of its forms, and someday, if I ever have a big girl office again (or find room in our 800 square feet doll house) this will be on my wall. Because everyone needs a reminder once in a while about what’s important.

Bonus: For the program manager who would love to buy individual gifts for every team member, but just doesn’t have the funds: Today is Giving Tuesday, but it’s not just today that a donation would be meaningful. Think about making a donation on behalf of your team to an organization that could use your help. When we got married, in lieu of gifts we asked people to contribute to NSVRC’s Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims, Wounded Warrior Project or The Trevor Project. They’re still 3 of our favorite organizations to support. Look locally, as well–your community’s shelter and crisis assistance programs would also gladly accept donations in the name of your team.

Happy giving everyone!

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